There are various words that's mentioned or written during the gameplay and/or the modding community. Here are list of such words:


Abort Mission:Edit

To leave a game.


Ares is a program that injects its code to Yuri's Revenge executable in order to fix game bugs and add and/or restore features into Yuri's Revenge.

Base/Military Base:Edit

A "Base" is an area filled with military structures. There are supposed to have some space for units to move.

Defensive Structure:Edit

A Defensive Structure is a structure with a attack which is built to defend a base.


To crush an infantry, as the name implies.

Omni Crush:Edit

Crush not only infantry, but also vehicles.


Thing(s) required to unlock a specific unit.

Negative Prerequisites:Edit

Things(s) that will prevent you from building a specific unit once built. Internally called "Prerequisite.Negative".

Tech Level:Edit

The Tech Level determinates what units can be built. For example, a unit with Tech Level of "-1" or "11" disallows you to build the unit. If you set the Game Tech Level to 1 when the mod allows you to adjust Tech Level, you can only built power generators, troop-production structure, basic infantry and a Tiberium refinery.