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Welcome to the Directive255 Wiki

NOTE: This wiki was originally the C&C: Reloaded Wikia, currently transformed into the Directive255 Wikia.

We currently cover up 3 topics: Directive255's Misc Things, MegaCraft Multiverse and C&C: Reloaded.

Extremely Short Introduction of few of our topics:

MegaCraft Multiverse is a multiverse, based on the scrapped UltraCraft Multiverse, consists of the following realities: C&C-GTA Reality, WarCraft Universe and Hitler Rants Parodies

The scrapped UltraCraft Multiverse is a multiverse consists of the following universes: C&C-GTA Universe, WarCraft Universe, StarCraft Universe and Fairyverse.

C&C: Reloaded is a C&C Yuri's Revenge mod created by FS-21.

Short Introduction of C&C: Reloaded

The mod, C&C: Reloaded, is developed by FS-21 (The Modmaster). It aims to merge the gameplay of C&C: Yuri's Revenge with C&C: Tiberian Sun Firestorm. This mod also adds new units like Bio Warrior, Giant Jellyfish, Repair "Disk (the "Disc" is most propably spelt wrong by FS-21, or it is just another name)" Disc, Chaos Bomber, etc.

For more information about the mod, please visit the detail introduction page "C&C: Reloaded" and other pages in this wiki.

Misc/Minor Information and Notes

Misc Information of MegaCraft Multiverse:

Misc Information of C&C Reloaded:

200px-C&C Reloaded
  • First Pubilc Release: v.0.99b1 (7 July 2005)
  • First Public Announcement: Aprox. (20 till 23 December 2005)
  • First Release: v0.65 (Beta 1) (19 January 2003)
  • Latest Version: v1.3.0 (v1.30.2013.07.07)
  • List of C&C Reloaded Factions: Allied, Soviet Union, PsiCorps (Yuri), Global Defense Initiative, Nod.

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